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Mix Description

Greetings! This is a song I’m working on called “Scatterbrained” which was recorded and mixed in my home studio. I’m using a Blue Bluebird microphone with a Focusrite scarlet solo interface and I’m mixing with iZotope plug in’s. I’m uploading to get some feedback from the community here and to see what their thoughts are.
I was going for this dark and gritty feel with the song, which I think I achieved. I’m just more so curious as the volumes matching on the vocals (I’m suffering ear fatigue at the moment) and how it sounds overall as a track and overall if the mix is good or not.
Any tips are appreciated and considered! Thank you so much!

Zakk's Mix Feedback

Sounds great! Nice work. The kick seems a few dB too heavy, but that’s just me. Vocals sound nice.

Keep up the good work.

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