Best YouTube Channels for Mixing and Mastering

Best YouTube Channels for Mixing and Music Production

We’ve seen a recurring question come up in all the mixing groups on Facebook. That question is: what are the best YouTube channels for mixing and music production? Well, we have the answer! Here is a list of the top mixing and music production YouTube channels (including a shameless plug of our own MixChecks YouTube Channel, of course).

Mixing YouTube Channel 1


Of course we have to recommend our brand new YouTube channel on our OWN website.  It’s full of mix breakdowns, mix before & afters, as well as live mixing sessions from start to finish.

Mixing YouTube Channel 2

Produce Like a Pro

Warren Huart uses his many years of experience in the recording industry to shed some light on the recording & mixing process and help anyone and everyone get started making recordings.

Mixing YouTube Channel 3

Recording Revolution

Graham Cochrane is dedicated to helping you make better recordings and mixes in your home studio with weekly mixing tips and mixing tutorials tailored for the home studio.

Mixing YouTube Channel 4


MixbusTV is a Youtube channel dedicated to professional recording, mixing and mastering tutorials, music production tips & tricks, and video reviews of audio gear.

Mixing YouTube Channel 5

Waves Audio

For 26+ years, Waves has been the world’s leading developer of professional audio plugins for music production, mixing, mastering, live sound, and post production.

Mixing YouTube Channel 6

In The Mix

Mixing YouTube Channel 7

Chris Selim - Mixdown Online

Chris Selim is a musician, music producer, and mixing engineer. His goal is to share his experience with you, giving you tools that he wishes he had when he first started in music production.

Mixing YouTube Channel 8

FrightBox Recordings

Mixing YouTube Channel 9

Creative Sauce

Creative Sauce wants to help you on your home recording journey! They believe that you can get professional, releasable results with the right know-how.

Mixing YouTube Channel 10

White Sea Studio

Best known for the “Snake Oil” videos. Watch as he reviews new plugins that come out as well as make videos about music production, mixing and mastering.

Mixing YouTube Channel 11

Pensado's Place

The show includes interviews with top music industry artists, engineers, producers, mixers, and record executives, as well as in depth tutorials in engineering and mixing.

Mixing YouTube Channel 12


This channel provides professional video tutorials for music production, recording, and mixing in Logic Pro.

Mixing YouTube Channel 13

Hardcore Music Studio

Jordan Valeriote is here to help aspiring rock & metal audio engineers make better sounding records. He’s been a recording engineer, mixer and producer for over 10 years and has worked with artists like Silverstein, Forevermore, Counterparts, Intervals and more.

Mixing YouTube Channel 14

Help Me Devvon

This channel is to guide, teach and advise information seeking audio engineers, producers and artist to another level of there potential. Whether you make music in your bedroom or a full on recording studio. Mixing, mastering and recording.

Mixing YouTube Channel 15

House of Kush

Gregory Scott helps you think outside the box and break through mixing and mastering stereotypes with a very philosophical approach to mixing.

Mixing YouTube Channel 16

Rick Beato

Rick Beato is a producer, composer, and audio engineer. His YouTube channel is full of videos teaching audio engineering techniques, music theory, music production, and more.


While there are many more YouTube channels about mixing and mastering, these are some of our favorites here at So, here is our list again in a nice compact version, easy for Google to read

What are the best music production YouTube Channels?