Believe for it (French Version)

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Mix Description

We recorded this song in a small studio.
I mixed with UAD stock plugins…
I’ve tried to recreate room using Verb in order to simulate Hillsong and elevation room Ambience…

Zakk's Mix Feedback

I love the verb. It fits the genre nicely. I’d watch how much top end EQ you’re adding to the vocals. They are sounding a little harsh.

Mix Feedback from others:

  • Pretty good. A solid foundation for sure. Fantastic bass guitar tone! I feel like your backing vocals could be a bit brighter and maybe add some parallel compression to help the transients survive while also keeping the body of the sound intact. also at 3:40 those drops need to hit harder. Maybe choke the cymbals and cut the synth and reverb during the silence. This could allow any compression to relax and cause the hits to hit harder. I might also suggest a parallel compression bus for your drums. This will make them sound way bigger. If you can, route your direct drum tracks though this bus and leave the room and overhead mics routed to your stereo bus. Also just curious, are you using Steven Slate Drums? I think I recognize the sound. I like this track, it reminds me of being in church as a child and hearing their choir along with the band. Really nice nostalgia for me.

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