Come a Little Bit Closer (cover)

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Mix Description

Another 60s cover. Band is recording live in the studio. They play occasionally as a three piece. Singer was playing the rhythm guitar part while doing the vocal. The extra guitars were added later. Enjoy!

Mix Feedback from others:

      • Seriously, I have no idea what you’re talking about. How does this work? What do I need? I work in MOTU’s Digital performer. As an actual musician, this platform really appeals to me but mostly I use it to lay out live recordings (and then overdubs or fixing clams).

      • Woah! Digital Performer. That was the DAW we used in my MIDI class back when I was in school. I use Slate Trigger 2 to add in samples to drums when needed. But I’m not sure what type of plugins Digital performer takes/uses?

      • I’m on DP7 because I can’t afford to upgrade my macs right now. I have Logic Pro and Logic ProX and can’t make head nor tail of them. Same with Cubase and Ableton. They all have awful user interfaces looks-wise and they are hard for me to set up to work with. DP is so easy that a guy like me – started on piano in 1961 and have been playing guitar since ’64 – got used to it almost immediately. The “mixer” looks like an actual mixing desk – sliding faders, pan control, meter, send knobs – it’s really easy to set up. Plus, a friend gave me a quicktime movie for DP that has like 40 chapters explaining how everything works.

        Automation is a breeze and editing the auto is also graphically very easy. I had already had Bias’s Peak to do editing and mastering so I had some knowledge of plug-ins and bouncing etc. I still use Peak to master tracks because it’s so simple.

        Recently I have been attacking the midi drum editor in DP. Their drum module is the Model 12; a 12 channel drum mixer you load with sounds from a library. It has 151 snare drums, 110 kick drums. You can add to the library if you know how to do it. I don’t yet. It’s really making me work to pick apart a drum sequence on paper and translating it to digital but I’m retired. Music is what I do now.

      • Sure enough, DP has a plug-in called Trigger where you can insert it to trigger synth track. Using your example – a live kick drum triggers the kick in the drummer program. I may try it on some track that I still haven’t mixed drum completely.

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