Found Me (LIVE)

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Mix Description

Recorded Live all at the same time. I used the Haas effect on the single guitar to get some stereo width. Would’ve preferred to recorded 2 guitars like I usually do, but we can’t always get what we want 🙁

Mix Feedback from others:

  • Assuming that this is a three piece, I might have doubled the guitar and sent it to the other side with some delay and verb. When I listen to live recordings I like to pretend I’m eight feet in front of the band and spread the drums out more than you did plus actually pan the bass to one side some. Also, I probably would have lowered the guitar track a little to make the bass stick out more.

    • Thanks! Yeah I did double the guitar and delayed it by a few milliseconds (Haas) to get as much stereo width as possible, but it’s definitely not ideal. I can see how the guitars are a little loud now though. Those need to come down.

      • I’m listening through a pair of JBL earbuds that have nipples that go right into the ear canal. It helps keep out extraneous noise and won’t bother anybody (like my wife) when I’m listening. They are pretty good for my old ears but what I heard was a lot of guitar on one side. I’ve read that the guy who mixed the early Van Halen stuff sent the guitar to effects and then panned the straight signal (whatever that was. Just amp mike, I guess) to one side and sent the effects to the other side. It’s tough mixing a three piece, Did you try mixing in mono? Sometimes I do that to get a picture of how things sit in the overall picture. Frequency-wise.

      • For sure. I probably shouldve done the mono trick. That’s an interesting setup for the Van Halen stuff though. I think I’ve read the same, but I thought that he had 2 guitars going with their effects on opposite side? Can’t remember lol

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