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Mix Description

This is a pop song, mixed using bandlab, in a small room

Mix Feedback from others:

  • Nice Mix! 🙂
    A few things… there is hearable clipping/distortion on the louder vocal passages. If you use a true peak limiter it’s always good to check different Codecs, because even if it’s not clipping as a WAV file it can be when being compressed into mp3 or similar. If you want to play it safe -1db TP ceiling would be better. Or use a Codec preview plugin.
    To me the Low-End could be a little bit more controlled and the overall sound is a bit boxy. Making space in to Midrange for the different Instruments would clean things up 🙂
    Also the Stereo Image could be a bit more defined and maybe opened up at certain times in the song.

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