JetB – Suit You (Competition MIX by X4ND32)

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Mix Description

I had a lot of fun mixing this! I’m monitoring on HS8, so hopefully the master plays well on other systems. I used mostly Slate and Waves plugins on the mix, with the Waves Abbey Road Mastering strip on my Submaster. I’m new to mixing, so any feedback would be awesome. Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to pay it back!

Mix Feedback from others:

  • Good mix !!! The guitar on the left channel is lost a bit due to the filtering you used, maybe you could do it dynamically with a fast rate. The mix balance is good. I advise you to compress in an extreme way, without exaggerating too much, the voices in the background in order to put them in the background. Maybe you could increase kick and bass volume. I hope my advice will help you. However, even your guitar solo breaks !!!

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