JetB_SuitYou_Francesco Quercia

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Mix Description

Hi everyone and thank you for this opportunity. I think that regardless of the victory this is an experience that compares those like me who try their hand at this universe made of sounds, effects, passion and feelings, in a completely clear climate made up of healthy competition. Maybe we could also get an opinion from the professionals of the sector who evaluate the work.

Thanks and good mix !!!


Mix Feedback from others:

  • Great mix! The spread on the guitars is wide and the drums sound very tame, which I thought was somewhat challenging. Would love to know what kind of processing you used on the lead guitar. One thing that I might recommend playing with, is making the stereo width even wider on the guitars, by keeping them panned wide like you have, but then sending a reverb in the opposite direction of each respective pan. I’ll usually bleed in a little haas delay with this type of panning, and it makes the guitar thicc. This is definitely one of the best mixes I’ve heard of this song! I would love your feedback on my mix. Shoot me a message to connect!

    • Thanks for the accurate feedback and advice. I’m glad you like it. I also often use the technique of returns on guitars with reverse channels, it helps the mix a lot, but in this case I didn’t, unfortunately I made a mix in a very short time. For guitars, grouped in a single track / folder, I eliminated some band extremes, I added an emulation of a Neve console from which I equalized and compressed slightly (actually for all groups of tracks) to get a result more analog sound. I compressed a second time with a distressor emulation. The solo guitar track, contained in the group of guitars has been re-amplified with the VST Cla Guitar, I added a Doubler to obtain a slight Chorus effect, I equalized with an emulation of Maag4 to make the sound bright so as to make it stand out in the mix and finally I added a delay. As soon as I can, I listen to your mix and send you feedback. Pleased to meet you!

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