Last Saturday

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Mix Description

This is mixed mostly with stock plug ins through Studio One. This is one of my first tries at mixing so seeking feedback on it.

Mix Feedback from others:

  • Great mix! Love guitar sounds and overall spectrum. Just some compressor and EQ on snare drum and a little more delay/verb on vocals. Really impressive for being one of your first mixing expirience!

  • First tries? This is 10,000 times better than my first mixes ever were. Great job. I think the only thing I’m noticing is the snare seems to be compressed beyond belief lol. It’s more like a knock, than a crack.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take another listen and see what’s going on with it. I know I do have some parallel compression on the drums so I’m thinking I’ll have to tone that down a little on the snare send. Thanks again!

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