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Mix Description

Hey there, I kind of feel stucked on the mix of this track, I feel like it could sound better but I don’t really know anymore what I should do.
Any advices would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks in Advance,

Mix Feedback from others:

  • You know your mind can really mess you up. I have gone back and listen to mixes of mine that I didn’t think were so great and turns out they were very nice.

    I don’t hear anything wrong with the mix it is very well done. My only opinion, I still have to listen to this in my studio, is sometimes no matter how much you try you can’t get enough sparkle on tracks to open it up a little. This is just my opinion but maybe a very gentle eq on the 2 bus not much.

    This mix is fantastic though!

  • 1:30 i like the triplet melody
    thru the song – less vocal fx, perhaps?
    also, I would like less clicky percussion parts, or layer them in for accents only.
    Overall, the mix is well balanced, but could use less legato parts, since it is a busy arrangement.

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