Sweet Dreams

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Mix Description

I am new to mixing. I’m a music teacher, but I’m trying to grow my skills as an audio engineer. The drums were pre-processed.

All electric guitar and bass tracks we recorded DI using my UAD Apollo twin. The keyboards were played via a midi keyboard, tones from Logic and NI.

I used Logic stock plugins and Universal Audio for mixing. I used the same reverb on all instruments and compressed all instruments similarly for some consistency across the mix, and to avoid clipping and to even out the sound. I used some automation on the sax solo just for fun!

As I bounced down, I used Brainworks Masterdesk on the masterbus to create a “quick master”. I just used one of their presets. I don’t use it much, bu I’m getting to know it and I thought it made the mix sound a little punchier.

I’m posting this mix, not because I think I’m finished, but because I’m not sure where to go from here. I tend to over mix if I don’t know what to do next. Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks in advance!


Zakk's Mix Feedback

Love it! I think my only issue is with some over-compression. It’s especially noticeable on the drums.

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