All Outta Love

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Mix Description

Here’s a fun one! In the vein of Whitesnake or any other 80’s metal. Mixed in Cubase. Real acoustic drums on this one played by Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mud) with snare sample blended in from GGD. Bass by my buddy Martin Epp (songwriter) – Guitars brought to you by Jimmy Burkhard, vocals by Chas West, BG vocals by me. This is my first mix without using any MIDI instrumentation. Mastered by myself as well. Let me know what you think!

Zakk's Mix Feedback

Um. WOW. This is amazing. Super powerful mix!

This might be the best mix I’ve ever heard on here lol.

Mix Feedback from others:

    • Thanks Zakk! I’ve only been mixing for about the last year & a half consistently. This is my 10th or so full song mix. Did some mixing at home in the box back in the early 2000’s but had no idea about a lot of things early on. YouTube taught me well! lol

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