Everlong (No vocals)

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Mix Description

Stems kindly provided by Warren Huart (Produce Like a Pro).
Mixed in Logic.
Plugins include native (ChromaVerb, Overdrive) and those from Waves (NLS, SSL Channel, SmackAttack, CLA Drums, CLA Mixdown, Abbey Road Chambers, WLM Plus), FabFilter (Pro-Q2, Pro-L), and iZotope (Ozone 9).
Monitored on Yamaha NS-10M Studios and an Edge EDB12A Subwoofer.
Headphones: Sony MDR-7506

Vocals: Chris Liepe
Bass: Jamie Lewis
Drums: Ed Thorne
Guitars: Jamie Humphries

Zakk's Mix Feedback

Sounds pretty good! I do think the top end of the kick is getting masked by the other instruments. It’s hard to hear that attack.

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