Ya ya x Drama Beezy (produced by: Drama Beezy)

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Mix Description

This is a song I produced, mixed, and mastered.. curious to hear you thoughts on production and the mixing done. I’ve been recording and mixing over 18 years now just getting better with time. I used waves pugins and ozone 8

Mix Feedback from others:

  • A little grimy around the edge, love it. I would back off the pitch thing a little when you are rhyming quickly, it gets in the way a little, but it sounds great through most of the sound. Maybe touch the mids back on the background vocal with the echo, just to soften it up a little bit, but other than that, this is a nice job.

    Extra Note: When I turned on the big sound this shit was bangin! It was smooth all the way down to the lowest my 1000 watt dual 15 could reproduce! NICE!!!!

  • It sounds really good! Creative auto is always impressive to me. Probably just because I don’t know how to do it lol. I only ever use Melodyne for pitch correction.

    My only issue with the song is that he says “Drop the bass” and then the hi hat comes in lol.

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